Building a Large-Scale Migration Program with Google Cloud

In this white paper, we outline Google Cloud’s approach to building a Migration Factory - an organization structure and set of processes that enable a fast, efficient migration to the cloud. We don’t presume that this is a team of Google staff coming to deliver your migration. Instead, we recommend building a blended team of people with the right skills and understanding of your organization, with clearly defined goals that are closely measured through the life of the program.

We’ll cover some of the most important migration topics, including:

  • Some of the challenges you might need to overcome during a migration
  • What we consider a “migration factory” and how we help you build one
  • Prescriptive guidance on how to execute each phase of a migration: discovery and assessment, planning, migration, and optimization.

Download the white paper to start charting your path to a fast and efficient cloud migration.

Google Cloud

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