Boost database performance and reliability

Organizations are increasingly using data to run applications, inform processes, and gain insight. To support these initiatives, applications and users need fast, reliable access to the right data at all times. As a result, database reliability, security, and performance are critical for digital businesses. 

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 provides a certified, stable, and security-focused operating system for your data infrastructure and operations. It is a trusted, optimized platform for the databases your business relies on, as well as machine learning workloads and independent software vendor (ISV) applications for connecting databases and managing data. Certification for commercial databases — including SAP® HANA® and Microsoft SQL Server — lets you deploy with confidence. And your subscription includes widely used open source databases like PostgreSQL and MariaDB. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 adds several new tools and features to increase the performance, security, and manageability of your databases.

Red Hat

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