Barriers and Challenges to AI Adoption in Retail

This IDC Perspective discusses the barriers to retailers’ adoption of AI solutions and the associated challenges with implementation, and it aims to shed light on what is holding retail back from deeper AI investment today. Retailers can use this document to anticipate some of the challenges they are likely to face while vendors can use it to help retailers proactively address challenges to accelerate adoption and, in turn, retail innovation. Jon Duke, Vice President of Research, IDC Retail Insights, states “It’s important to understand perceived barriers to AI adoption and be aware of how broadly they are voiced, as stakeholders across the industry are likely hearing versions of these concerns in their own conversations.”

Access your complimentary copy of “Barriers and Challenges to AI Adoption in Retail” to anticipate and plan to proactively address some of the common issues that prevent retailers from getting full value from their AI investments.


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