Automating Accounts Payable

If nonprofit organizations were to vote on a common theme that best characterized their operations, the winner might well be “doing more with less.” Although all organizations try to run as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible, the imperative to do so can be especially acute for nonprofits. No matter their size, these organizations often run lean so they can devote maximum resources to their core missions. But small and midsized nonprofits can be especially constrained when it comes to both operational budgets and staff expertise. has created a sophisticated solution that digitizes and automates the accounts payable process, from incoming invoices through approval workflows to release of payments. As illustrated by representative customer examples in this eBook, small and midsized nonprofit organizations are among the more than 100,000 customers who have embraced’s solution. Its benefits include everything from greatly reduced payment processing times to reductions in errors to improved vendor relations.


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