Automated IT Service Delivery Drives IT Transformation and Business Value

IT Transformation is a concept that resonates with companies even more now than it did 12 months ago. Although not synonymous with digital transformation, the two concepts are fundamentally linked together, as effective digital transformation cannot happen without IT Transformation.

A company that transforms its IT infrastructure no longer has to rely on rigid, manual, siloed, legacy technologies. It sees a boost in IT operational speed, efficiency, scale, and cost effectiveness—tasks are automated, processes streamlined, and resources are freed up. Those IT-level improvements fuel a larger-scale digital transformation, allowing the company to thrive in today’s digital economy. It is able to out-innovate, out-think, and out-pace its competitors—ultimately becoming the disruptor, not the disrupted.

A direct, measurable relationship exists between IT Transformation and better agility, superior responsiveness, greater spending efficiency, more funding for innovation, faster time to market, higher stakeholder satisfaction, and greater competitiveness.

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