Arlo Optimizes Internal Operations to Protect Customer Data

As the leading Internet of Things (IoT) home security solution, Arlo is dedicated to helping customers protect and connect with the people and places they love. Offering award-winning IoT devices that include Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled outdoor and indoor cameras, advanced baby monitors and smart security lights, Arlo enables users to keep an eye on the things that matter — from children and pets to homes and businesses.

With insights from Splunk, Arlo uncovered a large amount of potentially sensitive data in its logs. Using Splunk’s dashboards — which the team routinely shares with the company’s CIO — Arlo now identifies and removes any sensitive data on an ongoing basis to further protect customer information.

This case study explores how Arlo uses Splunk to optimize its internal operations to protect customer data.

Splunk | Discovered Intelligence

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