All Clouds Are Not Equal

In the early days of cloud computing, security concerns prevented many organisations from moving their data, applications, and infrastructure off-premises. Today, however, most organisations realise the cloud can be a safe place for all three. As everyone turns to the cloud for everything, security is no exception. More and more companies and government agencies are employing cloud-based security solutions to gain:

  • security for all employees (including those who are remote and roaming)
  • greater scalability and flexibility
  • security for applications, data, and systems (both in the cloud and on-premise)
  • reduced complexity (as compared with disparate, on-premise IT stacks)
  • speed of deployment and ease of management
  • lower hardware and overall IT security costs

Despite these advantages, certain misconceptions about cloud-based security infrastructure persist. Read on as we dispel them and detail what’s actually important to look for in your own cloud-based security solution.


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