Advanced Statistical Analysis - Use Data to Achieve Your Goals

This Knowledge Brief highlights and the benefits healthcare organizations achieve by incorporating advanced statistical analysis into their activities.

Turning Data into Insight helps Healthcare organizations maximize results. Halthcare organizations often have an abundance of data that can be leveraged to significantly improve both their operations and patient outcomes. However, Aberdeen's research reveals that while many healthcare providers are rich in data, they are still poor insight. Specifically, the findings reveal 83% of all companies are not fully satisfied with their ability to use existing data to achieve desired results.

There are many reasons why healthcare organizations could find it challenging to glean insight from their data. The first and foremost reason is a lack of proper technologies that are necessary for analyzing data and turning it into valuable insight from their data. The good news is that Aberdeen's related research shows that when companies use advanced analytics, they are 8.7 times more likely to indicate that they are extremely satisfied with their ability to use data to do their jobs more efficiently.


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