12 Month Business Broadband Contracts

We know that business broadband needs can be different to those of home broadband users, so we tailor our business packages to meet those needs. A perfect example of this is our 12 month business broadband, a popular option which used to be widely available but often have been replaced by 18 and 24 month deals that don’t suit the way businesses work.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What are the benefits of a 12 month business broadband deal?

The most obvious benefit of a 12 month business broadband is the length. If you’re not looking to make a long-term commitment because of the fast-moving pace of your industry or the continued uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the traditional 18 and 24 month contracts won’t be right for you.

You might also want more certainty than a rolling month-by-month contract, as you will know upfront what the costs will be for the whole plan, whereas prices can rise with a rolling option. These kind of short-term plans are usually more expensive to begin with, meaning that 12 month plans can offer the ideal middle ground between affordability and flexibility.


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