Zebra’s Transition to Subscription Model Drives Growth and Efficiency

Zebra Technologies builds tracking technologies for scanning, data capture, and printing that generate actionable insights, deliver connectivity, and help customers take smarter business actions to give them a performance edge. Zebra’s enterprise-level solutions give real-time visibility into products, assets and people, across multiple industries including: healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation and hospitality.

With the IoT changing and growing at a staggering pace, Zebra needed to quickly pivot toward a more software-centric solution and a subscription business model in order to reach three main goals: hitting margin objectives, obtaining targeted growth and delivering customer agility.

Zebra’s team of business unit leaders and engineers worked closely with Revenera’s Global Consulting Services to successfully plan for the operational changes resulting from moving to a subscription model and to implement Revenera’s Software Monetization platform. The strong collaboration of the two organizations was the bridge that connected this businesscritical technology and the business goals.

 Software Development

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