Virtual Desktops & Apps

Today’s workforce wants to work from any device, in any location, securely, and with a great user experience. However, organisations are facing the same problems when it comes to supporting users.

Maintaining a fleet of computers running native applications isn’t ideal, especially when you think about installing new apps, managing updates, and provisioning users.

The foundational needs of end-user computing  — providing access to enterprise-provided applications and workloads  — haven’t changed much since the beginning, but the methods by which this goal is accomplished have transformed over the years. User demands have evolved and enterprise capabilities have matured to support myriad new opportunities for advancing this resource.

In this book you’ll learn about the history of end-user computing. You’ll discover that, although the key outcome desired from end-user computing environments has stayed consistent since the 1950s, all of the technology that underpins such environments has changed.

 Software Development

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