Testing the business ruggedness and reliability of HP business PCs

At HP, we believe quality matters. Quality is core to HP’s legacy. Our goal is to make our products the highest possible quality with the lowest total cost of ownership. We are focused on enhancing our customers’ experience with products that deliver the best price, features set, and value proposition. The HP Business PC portfolio gives customers that perfect balance of cost efficiency, reliability, durability, and innovative design. 

To ensure our products have the highest possible quality, HP Business PCs are put to the test, the procedures go above and beyond what a PC may endure in a typical day in business and enterprise environments. This testing helps to demonstrate overall HP product quality and reliability.

This guide details how all HP business notebooks undergo the HP Total Test Process consisting of over 115,000 hours of testing. Our comprehensive and proven testing program delivers superior quality and reliability and includes 50,000 test steps with 240 industry-standard hardware and software products tested for compatibility.


 Software Development

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