Intelligent Automation in Life Sciences

The life sciences industry has traditionally been slow to adopt technology. Now, stakeholders in the life sciences industry are now asking what technology can do for their organizations and how they can automate processes to enable their staff to focus on strategic activities to improve business outcomes. 

The intelligent automation ecosystem itself is evolving from basic automation for transational tasks toward intelligent automation for judgement-intensive processes. RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are augumenting each other to achieve desired business outcomes. Leading life sciences enterprises are adopting RPA and AI solutions to accelerate business impact and achieve more strategic business outcomes.

In this white paper, we evaluate the current levels of intelligent automation adoption in the life sciences industry and assess its growth potential over the next five years. It also explores: 

- The rapid rate at which life sciences enterprises are adopting automation

- The stage of automation adoption the enterprises are at

- The benefits received by enterprises who have adopted intelligent automation

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