HPE Moonshot

HPE Moonshot is a truly unique converged bladed system ideal for delivering secure desktops and virtual apps for the financial services industry. HPE Moonshot can be configured to any role and lowers TCO through its unparalleled combination of high-performance, extreme server density, and energy efficiency.

Differentiation leads to data center success, some of the key benefits of HPE Moonshot: 

Application Acceleration & Guaranteed Performance

Dedicated GPU with NVME SSD removes the noisy neighbor and provides constant performance with linear scaling. The high clock speed of the System on Chip help with the complex single threaded applications and increases user productivity.

Application Compatibility & Business Continuity

Baremetal VDI removes complexity and application intermediation and support associated with p2V conversion when you have to scale your VDI to 100% employee coverage. Independent “small” nodes means limitless scaling and lower failure domain.. Moving Desktops to Datacenter means you are able to react and mobilise quickly.

Density & Total Cost of Ownership

HPE Moonshot packs up to 45 Server Blades into 1 chassis, delivering upto 360 high frequency cores in just 4.3RU. Low power SoCs with integrated SSDs and workstation GPUs consume 88% less power and up to 79% lower acquisition costs compared to traditional platforms. 

“Moonshot helps us deliver guaranteed performance & remove the chain between power user & desk” - Executive Director Large US Investment Bank

 Software Development

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