How Sky Betting is Driving Real-Time Operations Transformation

For many organizations, DevOps transformation is now a business imperative as it drives widely understood advantages in innovation, agility, and empowerment. However, many organizations struggle to implement and realize the true benefits of DevOps transformation due to challenges with culture, processes, and tooling–in fact, as many as 78% of organizations fail to get DevOps right.

Join Sky Betting, PagerDuty, and New Relic as they discuss Sky Betting’s transformation story and their lessons learned from over the past decade.

You’ll learn:

  • How to shift development teams from simply building to owning & operating
  • What excellence in real-time operations looks like
  • Tools that accelerate DevOps maturity
  • The importance of (and how you can influence) organizational structure and executive buy-in

 Software Development

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