High performing and secure banking desktops with HPE Moonshot

As an IT service provider, Inventx AG provides consultancy, information technology, and application management services to leading financial providers in Switzerland. The service portfolio also includes desktop workstations, which were virtualized in the past via a traditional industry solution.

As an early adopter Inventx replaced this solution three years ago with the innovative Moonshot technology from HPE, a step which the finance IT professionals have not regretted for a second.

After a successful “proof of concept,” Inventx decided on HPE Moonshot. Unlike traditional  virtualization solutions, Moonshot does not rely on a Hypervisor Layer, in which hardware resources are virtualized, but rather provides users with published desktops with a powerful GPU and integrated SSD in the data center. The HPE Moonshot system-on-a-chip architecture and the option to automatically switch off unused cartridges reduce energy consumption significantly

In the financial sector, the advantages of Moonshot technology can be fully exploited. “Employee productivity is crucial in the financial sector. With Moonshot, all employees benefit from significantly enhanced desktop performance across the entire application spectrum." Urs Rhyner, Business Manager, Inventx AG

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