Cloud Plumbing - The pumps, valves, and pipes of a successful private cloud

Nutanix private cloud solutions, powered by the industry’s most advanced HCI technology, deliver applications, services, and data at any scale, with advanced automation and built-in self-service capabilities that bring true cloud-like simplicity to enterprise datacenters.

In this webinar, Nutanix experts will show you how Nutanix HCI combines storage, virtualization, virtual networking, and compute services into a leading private cloud solution.

See how Nutanix goes beyond simple HCI and legacy datacenter architectures to prepare your business for the hybrid cloud future—drastically improving utilization, reducing complexity, and providing a platform that can better co-exist with public cloud.

3 key takeaways:

• How employing HCI software-defined infrastructure can modernize the private cloud

• How the use of HCI can increase resource utilization and reduce complexity

• How to build HCI in the datacenter and public cloud to co-exist with and support IT application needs

 Software Development

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