Business Process Management: Best practices for integrating BPM with Anypoint Platform

Business Process Management is an important part of continuous improvement and
business transformation, but many organizations struggle with implementing it effectively.
The question is often whether BPM is a technological problem or a cultural one. Are
business processes dependent on the technologies they use or the people who use them?

The answer is both. Ultimately, the issue is not to think about BPM separately from how
your services and processes work, but how to make them work together. In other words,
in order to be successful with business processes first you need to have all your systems
and apps exposed as services via APIs.

Business Process Management is the discipline used to coordinate and distribute tasks
across people and systems within an organization, based on well-documented process and
business rules, in order to ensure business consistency between teams and systems. It is
commonly thought that there is only one way to execute process management, but there
is in fact another, more effective way.

In this paper, we will show how Business Process Management can be realized using a
strategy called API-led connectivity. It will also cover recommended best practices for BPM
design with Anypoint Platform.

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