6 Steps to Increase DevOps Release Velocity by Removing Constraints

“Many digital organizations adopt cloud, agile and DevOps to accelerate their release cadence, but often fail to resolve critical constraints that inhibit agility.” Get this Gartner report which guides “I&O leaders and application leaders must use six steps to continuously identify and eliminate constraints to optimize their processes.”

In this report, I&O leaders and application leaders responsible for DevOps initiatives can learn how to:

  • Identify the greatest constraint by soliciting team input and analyzing cycle times and queue lengths.
  • Minimize waste at the constraint by reducing unplanned work from incidents, eliminating wait states and maximizing human potential.
  • Avoid starving the constraint by synchronizing the entire IT organization to the constraint, and add capacity to the constraint by securing the optimal resources to alleviate and remove it.
  • Find the next greatest constraint by reanalyzing cycle times and queue lengths.

Download access to the report now for recommendations on how to effectively adopt cloud, agile and DevOps, while avoiding restraints that inhibit agility.

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