4 Facts You Need to Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI to Support Remote Employees

Implementing a widescale work-from-home program might not be a new idea, but even the most enthusiastic telecommuting evangelists could not have predicted the world in which we now live, where entire companies (or close to it) are working from home.

If you suddenly need 50 or 100 or 500 extra laptops to support a remote workforce—installed with all the appropriate applications and security controls—then you’re going to contend with logistical, financial and security challenges. For businesses with limited staff and resources, this creates an untenable situation. It is possible to cost-effectively support remote employees through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology.

Read on to learn about four need-to-know facts about VDI that can help your organization determine the right solution for your business—and deploy a work-from-home program without compromising security, performance and compliance.

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