Who you gonna call - Why we need a cyber emergency service

In the Chinese Zodiac, 2019 is the year of the pig, which means luck and wealth. After the almost daily cyberattacks and data breaches of 2018, businesses across Europe could certainly do with some good fortune. However, before we get carried away, it’s worth noting that the last time there was a ‘year of the pig’, it was 2007, the year of the economic crash.

The point is that we never quite know what is around the corner. Leaving the prosperity and security of business to lucky mascots and horoscopes is not going to work. Businesses have to prepare for the unexpected, regardless of their size or perceived level of experience in dealing with cybersecurity.

European companies (especially SMEs) face growing risk of cyberattacks, according to a European Economic and Social Committee study. Finance, healthcare, retail, business services and information technology remain the sectors that are most often targeted by cybercriminals, says the study, with almost 70 percent of European companies not understanding the extent of their exposure to cyber risks.


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