The Threat Intelligence Handbook - Moving Toward a Security Intelligence Program

Today, cyber threats are coming from everywhere — the open web and dark web, but also partners and other third parties, brand attacks, and internal threats — and digital business risk is at an all-time high. This leaves everyone without a true, comprehensive view of their entire threat landscape vulnerable.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy requires the implementation of techniques and technology to proactively reduce risk and stop threats fast. This book explains how security intelligence helps teams working in security operations, incident response, vulnerability management, risk analysis, threat analysis, fraud prevention, and security leadership make better, faster decisions and amplify their impact.

In this second edition of the Handbook, you’ll find a completely new introductory chapter on threat intelligence that breaks down what threat intelligence is and how every security function benefits from it, as well as two entirely new chapters — one on third-party risk reduction, and one on digital risk protection. Together, these three pillars of security intelligence provide the comprehensive view of both your internal and external threat landscape that every organization needs today to reduce cyber risk and stay ahead of threats of all kinds.

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