The State of SOAR Report, 2019

Are you doing everything you can to automate busy work in your SOC? Maybe you're spending all your time chasing down alerts?

Security automation has become a buzzword in the cyber community, but it's hard to tell if anyone is using it in real-life. But now, there's proof! Check out Demisto's latest SOAR 2019 report to read how 61% of respondents with SOAR tools did not need to update their security point products manually. 

Want to know more? Read the latest stats on how automated playbooks are on the rise, and how SOAR in general makes a difference in response.

Download a copy of this 2019 SOAR report and discover how your peers are leveraging automation across the security incident response lifecycle!

We hope you will gain some insights from this report on where you might apply security orchestration and automation in your SOC.


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