It only takes a casual glance at the latest news to see yet another organisation having an unknown (or, all too often, known) vulnerability exploited by criminals.

These days, no matter what type of organisation you are, or what size, it’s clear that the security of your data, systems, and products is top of mind for you and those you serve. Your job is to reduce the risk of a security incident, protecting your brand and assets, and ensuring the security of your customers and their valuable data.

But keeping those assets secure is a non-stop endeavor that requires highly-technical and specialised skills, and adding those skills to your organisation can be prohibitively expensive. It also requires a new and novel approach, one that’s been proven by some of the most respected organisations from across the globe.

According to Gartner’s Emerging Technology Analysis: Bug Bounties and Crowdsourced Security Testing report, published in June 2018, crowdsourced security testing is “rapidly approaching critical mass”. And, according to The Hacker-Powered Security Report 2018, customers of HackerOne resolved more than 27,000 hacker-discovered vulnerabilities in the past year alone.


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