Thales and Pure Storage Securing data in the cloud era

Putting your data to work while assuring high security

  • Provides an all-flash datastore for reliability and performance
  • Supports the highest levels of business continuity with proven 99.9999% availability
  • Protects data with robust encryption
  • Supports KMIP for centralized and high assurance key management
  • Complies with a FIPS 140-2 L3 root of trust

The Problem: Enterprises need reliable and scalable storage that adapts to their needs while assuring high data security

In today’s digital world, data can be an organization’s most valuable asset. Getting the most out of this asset requires a data storage platform that’s easy to use, operates efficiently, and is seamless to upgrade. Flash storage, and in particular, Pure Storage FlashArray are the solution of choice here. Pure delivers a combination of high speed, maximum agility, ease of operations, and real-time analytics. However, no storage solution is immune to data security concerns.


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