Secured-core PC Prevent, protect, and stay productive with the next evolution of endpoint security

To address the need for strong security for industries handling Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and confidential data, Microsoft is partnering with PC manufacturers to innovate a new class of secured devices to counter security challenges for industries requiring mission-critical data protection right out of the box.

Unlike software-only security solutions, Secured-core PCs are designed to prevent attacks, rather than simply detecting them, and are resistant to future attacks by utilizing a comprehensive and hardware-integrated security solution.

Are current deployments of Windows 10 Pro not secure enough? What is Secured-core PC, and how will it help? This white paper will explain the four stages of Secured-core PC, review how decision-makers can compare Secured-core PC against their needs, explore potential industry use-cases for end-user handling of mission-critical data, and determine how Secured-core PC may impact business security.

Dell Technologies

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