Real-Time Mainframe SIEM 101

This fantastic guide from BMC looks at how increasing your SIEM footprint to your mainframe is critical for enterprise data security and compliance strategy.

The history of cybercrime tells us that a breach can go undetected in fully-monitored networks for months or, worse yet, years before the hack is discovered. In 2016, the average time it took to identify a breach was 191 days. It isn’t a matter of if you get hacked, its when you get hacked and how fast you discover it to begin remediation.

This sensitive data must be protected and monitored in accordance with data processing standards – and because approximately 90 percent of the world’s critical data resides on mainframes, the onus is on the organizations using mainframes to employ the most modern security best practices in SIEM to protect it.

See this SIEM 101 infographic as a reference for integrating real-time mainframe visibility and correlation in your distributed SIEM.


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