People-Centric Cybersecurity: A Study of IT Security Leaders in the Netherlands

The cyber threat landscape in the Netherlands is rapidly evolving, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting people rather than infrastructure.

From email-based threats, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), to credential phishing, compromised cloud accounts and debilitating ransomware attacks, cybercriminals are aware that employees can easily be tricked. Using social engineering techniques, cybercriminals steal credentials, siphon sensitive data, and fraudulently transfer funds. Employees across all job levels and functions can put your business at risk in numerous ways, from using weak passwords and sharing credentials to clicking on malicious links and downloading unauthorised applications.

To better understand how people-centric cyber attacks are impacting organisations, Proofpoint commissioned a survey of 150 CSOs/CISOs across the Netherlands. The study, conducted by research firm Censuswide, surveyed organisations with 200 or more employees, with a natural fallout across industries in April 2020.

The study explored three key areas:
• Frequency of cyber attacks
• Employee and organisational preparedness
• Challenges to implementing cyber strategies


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