IT Security - Office 365 Benchmarking Survey

This survey report discusses the results of an in-depth market research survey that was commissioned by Cyren and conducted during September 2018 by Osterman Research. The survey was conducted among businesses and governmental organizations in the United States that have adopted Office 365 and that have between 100 and 5,000 employees. IT managers and security analysts at 125 organizations were subjected to an in-depth interview covering a range of IT security-related topics, with 25 questions and over 100 items to evaluate and to which they were asked to respond. The organizations were from a broad representation of industry sectors.

Our purpose in conducting this survey was to gain insight into the security problems faced by firms using Office 365 as a corporate email platform. The responses and insights provided allow IT and security professionals to benchmark their own organizational email and web security status and planning with answers from their peers.

For respondents to qualify for the survey, they:

  • Had to be knowledgeable about cybersecurity issues and security-related decision-making in their organization with regard to email and web security,
  • Their organization had to have between 100 and 5,000 employees, and
  • Their organization had to have Office 365 deployed for corporate email.

Our research found that the mean organization size was 1,539 employees (median of 765) and, on average, the organizations operate in 25 locations across two countries, while the median organization operates in five locations in one country. We surveyed across a wide range of industries.


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