IGEL in Banking and Financial Services

Is endpoint security a concern for you? Would you like to reduce the cost of managing you IT estate? What if we told you, you already had everything you needed to make this happen? The fact is, you do. IGEL’s revolutionary software can convert your existing endpoints, to an enterprise secure read-only software defined endpoint. This will unify all your endpoints regardless of age, manufacturer or type (thin client, laptop or PC). It will also pull all your endpoints under one management system, allowing you to manage up to 100,000 endpoints with one IT admin from one console. No more patch Tuesdays, no more time consuming updates and simple drag and drop profiling which can update your entire estate in minutes.

Please take a look at this link, which goes into more detail on how IGEL’s simple, smart and secure solutions can help drive your digital transformation, reduce costs and enhance security.  


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