HP Client Security Manager

Data and identity security breaches are becoming more frequent—and more sophisticated. Traditional login security measures, such as requiring complicated passwords that change frequently, are no longer enough. By applying hardened multi-factor authentication solutions, admins can greatly improve data security and reduce the possibility of a breach.

Cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency—and affected organizations pay a massive price. The consequences of a data breach can include identity theft, publicity of sensitive information, litigation, fines, and damage to a brand image and reputation.
Increasing the information required at login can reduce the potential for identity fraud and costly data theft—but requiring users to spend time typing multiple PINs or complicated passwords can lead to user frustration. 

HP provides identity authentication management via HP Client Security Manager, which supports two authentication factors. For HP PCs with Intel processors, HP Client Security Manager with Intel Authenticate support offers three-factor authentication, including hardware-enhanced factors.


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