HACKER-POWERED SECURITY FOR STARTUPS - Supporting growth reducing risk and managing costs all in one.

You’ve proven your model, secured the funds to expand, and now just need to make it happen.

Don’t let a product vulnerability or an ill-timed disclosure knock you off course.

You are laser-focused on building the best product, and growing fast without sacrificing quality. But growth can be crippled if customers sense a risk to their data, or, worse, if a public breach undermines confidence in your offerings. Startups also need to be diligent with budgets and tightly control costs outside of what directly contributes to growing market share or mind share.

Hacker-powered security checks off each of those boxes for growth-stage startups. It’s a cost-effective means for reducing risk and improving security, while also enabling engineering scalability and efficiency. Harnessing the effectiveness of hacker-powered security in a thoughtful and well-built program also signals to customers, partners, and investors that you’re building a high-trust product and brand that makes customer and data security a top priority.


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