Five Network Security Challenges That Have IT Banging Their Head Against A Wall

How Complexity and the Explosion of Devices Make It Difficult to Secure the Network

We live in “interesting” times—an age of explosive growth when it comes to the numbers and types of devices that reside on enterprise networks. Managed devices with security agents on board, such as conventional PCs, laptops and corporate-owned smartphones, are becoming an ever-decreasing slice of the pie as Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) devices join networks by the millions or billions every year.

Add to that all kinds of endpoint applications, operating systems and virtual instances that must be continuously monitored to make sure they don’t go rogue. What’s more, all this activity is happening on greatly expanded, tremendously complex extended networks. To say that IT security professionals have “challenging” careers is a gross understatement.
But all is not gloom and doom. What follows are five key challenges that can be effectively met by acquiring one overarching capability: continuous device visibility.


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