Encrypt Everything - A Practical Guide on How to Protect Your Organisation's Sensitive Data

As an enterprise-wide data security expert, you are being asked to protect your organisation’s valuable data by setting and implementing an enterprise-wide encryption strategy. But critical data is flowing everywhere. The boundaries are long gone. Data is going from operational to analytical systems, from on-premises to cloud, and from databases to data lakes. The data world is changing faster than ever before; new technologies including big data and micro services are being adopted in multiple ways all at once.

Data security is about the data, not the application, the database, the cloud, the data lake, or any other particular program. What’s needed is a holistic data security platform, including a comprehensive portfolio of protection methods and enforcement mechanisms, to protect your most valuable data assets no matter where they reside across the enterprise and beyond. This eBook provides an overview of methodology and best practices that can be used to define and apply data security policies to protect your most critical data assets.


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