Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud protects AWS workloads

Detect threats across your cloud environment and hybrid network

The benefits of using Amazon Web Services (AWS) are many: Greater scalability, better access to resources, cost savings, increased efficiency, faster time to market, and improved overall performance. Although these benefits cannot be underestimated, the shift to the cloud also presents a new way of thinking about security.

As an increasing number of businesses migrate their workloads to AWS, many are seeking a cloud security solution that’s effective, easy to use, and automated. Often, the security policies and tools implemented on-premises do not transition well to the cloud, leaving organizations looking for more when it comes to protecting their cloud environment. 

If your organization is looking to deploy a cloud security tool that is easy to use and manage, Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud on AWS is the perfect solution. Stealthwatch Cloud enhances visibility, detects threats, and reduces incident response times. In addition, it makes security teams more efficient by sending immediate actionable security alerts, reducing false positives.


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