5 Reasons Enterprises Need a New Access Model

Today, enterprises are providing employees and third parties with remote access to their applications
in much the same way they did 20 years ago – through VPNs, proxies, and remote desktops. These
technologies require enterprises to establish trust with each user and device, then provide access
through a network security perimeter to the resources the user needs. Traditionally, the asset you
are protecting is inside a trusted zone, and any access to it would be from an outside, untrusted
zone. This outside-to-inside access requires passing through this shared perimeter. Enterprises
have acknowledged this perimeter is especially permeable to attack, and yet they continue to
provide access in the same old ways.

New and growing realities are forcing enterprises to take a different path. Given the mounting
number of high-profile security breaches resulting from third-party access, it is clear a new
methodology for providing third-party access is needed. Shedding light on what a new access
methodology is requires us to explore five key changes in the enterprise landscape: growing
partner ecosystems, taming the mobility explosion, challenges of cloudification, adopting a
zero-trust model, and the “SaaSification” of IT applications.


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