2018 EMAIL SECURITY TRENDS CHALLENGES AND BENCHMARKS - A look at differences based on organization size professional role and email

In an effort to understand the current state of email security in terms of environments, threat prevalence, remediation frequency, and importance within the wider security landscape, GreatHorn conducted a survey of 295 professionals, mostly (but not all) in IT roles, across a wide variety of industries. Collected in June 2018 through both online and offline sources, the data provides a unique window into the state of email security today.

The panel’s diversity (panel details can be found at the end of this report) enabled us to explore how different characteristics (level of involvement in email security, company size, email platform, etc.) correlated into drastically different – and in some cases, surprisingly similar – trends.

For example, we learned that email security, data security, and network security were almost universally the top three security priorities, regardless of organization size or role, with identity & access management a close fourth. But we also learned that two-thirds of people with limited or no involvement in email security say they don’t see anything but spam in their inbox, while only 15.5 percent of people that do have email security involvement say the same – a staggering difference.

Keep reading to learn more about our findings and how your organization compares to our sample group.


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