Strengthening Your MSP Sales Pipeline

Think back to high school. You can probably recall going home for the summer and coming back in the fall to discover that one of your “little” classmates has suddenly sprouted by a full foot, going from 5 foot nothing to 6 feet tall. He looked like he swallowed another person.

In terms of expanding your business with a stronger sales pipeline, that’s the kind of growth we are talking about, and that’s the kind of growth this e-book seeks to help you find. You won’t, however, find that next level with referrals alone.

To reinvigorate your pipeline, we need to look at three foundational pieces:

• The structure of growth-oriented sales pipeline
• The “Be-Memorable” formula for engaging cold but high-value prospects
• Playing the long-game from step one with a loyalty-focused sales process

With those components in place, every new opportunity you encounter becomes more profitable and more valuable. They open the door to new business in the short-term, and improved retention and an increase in referrals in the long-term.

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