Faster Data, Better Business Outcomes

Retail and Consumer Goods digital transformation is underway and the stakes are high.  

Retailers like Walmart, Tesco, Best Buy, and Macy’s are leveraging real-time and streaming data to personalize customer experiences, deliver customer-centric merchandising, improve supply chain agility, and reimagine their brick and mortar stores. 

And Cloudera is at the integral to helping enable real-time, data-driven transformations.

Hear from our industry and product leaders about top  streaming use cases, and how they come to life.

Join us for this digital-event, to learn more about:

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  • Industry trends and business drivers requiring real-time business capabilities
  • Real-world use cases spanning data analytic capabilities, maturity continuum 
  • Exemplar retail customer stories harnessing real-time data and analytics
  • Using Cloudera DataFlow to ingest, process, and analyze streaming data


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