Agent3 - Don’t be Antisocial

Modern ‘social’ selling can be anything but. Here’s a quick guide explaining how to put that right.

The art of selling is changing fast and the old models of cosy personal networks, schmoozing, aggressive deal-making, incentives and traditional sales team structures are disappearing. That’s especially the case in the IT and communications sectors but in other areas too.

Salespeople will for a while yet continue to suffer from old clichés about hard sell tactics and ‘always be closing’ attitudes. But in fact, sales is changing as softer, more subtle approaches meet new buyer demands for flexibility and hunger for information.

The old sales model is broken but that elusive goal of a trusted relationship between buyer and seller might finally be in view as account-based marketing and selling provides a way to connect what were two distinct worlds.

Modern selling is making the sales process very different as companies seek to work towards customer satisfaction and longer-term sustainable relationships rather than ‘quick wins’. And as social media has surged over the last 15 years, interacting with prospects and customers over those networks has become a huge opportunity.


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