Migrating from a traditional VPN to a VPN-less solution with Citrix Workspace

Enabling remote work for business continuity doesn’t need to be reactive. By designing for remote work, you get continuity. The traditional VPN has been a key service for people doing their work while remote. But to enable people to continue to work remotely no matter what happens, it's extremely important that this service is highly available, secure, scalable, and performing well.

To meet these requirements for remote workers, Citrix provides a cloud based, VPN-less solution to access all applications. IT can provide remote workers access to all intranet web, SaaS, mobile, virtual applications, as well as physical PCs without having to manage a VPN. Citrix Workspace provides a better alternative to VPNs because:

  • VPNs are complex to manage and scale. They take too much time to configure correctly and policies can be too restrictive or too open.
  • VPNs don’t provide an optimized user experience. They are often clunky and restrict device choice. And they are too slow and consume a lot of bandwidth.
  • VPNs represent old castle and moat model of security. They are too risky to use for remote work use case in today’s world, where many apps and data reside outside the datacenter.

 Remote Work

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