Hybrid multi-cloud networking that delivers a better application experience

Cloud is changing the fundamentals of how IT teams deliver applications and manage their performance. Applications are increasingly deployed farther from users, crossing networks outside of IT’s direct control. Instead of enterprise data centers, many apps now reside in public and hybrid cloud environments. There are even new breeds of applications, built upon microservices and containers.

Today, IT needs modern solutions that:

  • Extend on-premises networks, apps, and infrastructure resources to the cloud.
  • Maintain high levels of performance, user experience, and security across all applications, including microservices based apps.
  • Sustain operational consistency across on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Move away from the expense, complexity, and poor performance of traditional networking methods.

These solutions are available for apps running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through the alliance of Citrix and Google Cloud.

 Remote Work

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