Quality and Productivity for Pharma Manufacturing

Network with our team and attend live sessions led by Applied Materials experts at IFPAC 2020 Booth 206 on February 24-26, 2020, North Bethesda, MD.

Applied Materials Booth Stations

  • SmartFactory Rx® plant automation software
  • Materials Engineering solutions for API drug products
  • High speed 100% tablet inspection systems

Session Highlights At-A-Glance

  • Leveraging Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 Solutions Case Study
  • Towards Continuous Manufacturing: Real-Time Inline Post Coating Tablet Inspection
  • Optimized QC Lab Scheduling
  • Connected Plant: Smart Maintenance & Yield Improvement
  • Industry 4.0: Digital Transformation & Next Gen Manufacturing
  • Systems Integration & Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Particle Engineering of API Using Novel Coating Technology
  • Developing & Implementing Machine Learning Models

SmartFactory Rx®

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