How to go from a manual communication process to automated multi-channel delivery

Whether you are communicating with your customers via email, SMS or by post, it’s important to utilise the channel your customer prefers to achieve the best results. Keypoint Intelligence reported that in 2021, 58% of the companies they surveyed have changed how they send communications, with customer preference being a primary factor. 



Introducing multi-channel delivery and automating communications based on customer preferences increases engagement, saves time, and reduces costs. But where do you start? 

Download Quadient’s Customer Communication Assessment Guide” to learn:  

  • How SMBs are implementing new technology to manage customer preferences 
  • What are the four stages of customer communication management and associated characteristics 
  • How to evolve from a manual document process to your desired digital state  


This guide will help you map your current capabilities against a set of best practices for each consecutive level of maturity, helping you to visualise the next steps and establish goals to stay on target. 


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