Learn how IBM Watson Content Hub can help you build a consistent brand and win the hearts of your customers.

Do you know what it’s like to really, truly love your
job? To fire up your computer every day and feel
good about the work you do? Most marketing
and merchandising people are passionate about
their profession, and there’s nothing they love
more than creating and building a brand.

Not just a good brand, but an iconic brand. A
brand people admire. A brand people respect.
A brand people want to claim as their own…and
get tattooed on their arm. Or maybe just like it
on Facebook.

Building a brand is about as much fun as a marketing
person can have. The name of the game
is killer content that captures your customers’
attention and compels them to engage. But
it isn’t easy to create. As a matter of fact, it’s
getting harder and harder every day. The market
is cluttered and competitive. You have to break
through a lot of noise if your voice is going to
be heard. And, most importantly, you’ve got to
move like lightning.

This takes energy, skill, ingenuity, imagination,
innovation…and a killer content management
system that helps you do it smarter, faster, better.

That’s why you’ll want to learn how you can
consolidate, integrate and manage all your digital
assets in a central repository so they’re right
where you can find them. And where you and your
colleagues can access them anytime to create a
consistent customer journey from first touch in an
email right through to loyalty programs they’ll love.


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