Five Reasons Why Market Confidence in F5 is Declining

Look around. The business world is changing, and customer expectations are more demanding
than ever—particularly when it comes to application delivery controller (ADC) technology.
ADC solutions help you provide the experience your customers expect—ensuring availability,
performance, and security for enterprise applications.

But the ADC market is also evolving. It can be difficult to keep up with trends or recognize when
your current vendor is unable to offer what you need: a modern, scalable application delivery
infrastructure that is built for hybrid cloud and software as a service (SaaS) environments.

Analysts and the market, in fact, are signaling growing concerns about F5 Networks. From
downgraded stock ratings and falling stock prices to a precipitous decline in product revenue
growth and a loss of market share. What’s more, F5’s research-and-development plans are
under scrutiny by customers who are publicly complaining about the high cost, inflexibility,
and complex manageability of the product, especially as more cloud-based alternatives are
becoming widely available.


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