App Store Optimization: The Definitive Playbook

The app market is one of the most competitive spaces in
the world. And it’s crowded — with approximately 2 million
iOS App Store apps and 2.5 million Google Play Store apps1

Between the sheer number of apps and the skyrocketing
costs of advertising, successfully acquiring and retaining
users is more challenging than ever.

As an app marketer, your job is to cut through that clutter
and get in front of the right audiences. Increasing exposure
for your app helps increase downloads, boost store rankings
and ultimately drive revenue for your business.
A highly valuable strategy to increase long-term exposure is
app store optimization. App store optimization, or ASO, can
be defined as the ongoing process of testing and measuring
updates to app store marketing assets, with the goal of
increasing visibility and driving more downloads.

For many app publishers, the first thing that comes to
mind when they think about ASO is building out a keyword
strategy. While certainly an important component, optimizing
your app for organic discoverability goes well beyond

ASO is much more robust and strategic than many may think,
comprising research, testing and a lot of creativity. In this
playbook, we’ll equip you with best practices for improving
app discoverability and downloads among quality users. In
addition to App Annie’s expertise, we’ll share insights from
the industry’s best and brightest, and offer actionable advice
and tips you can apply to your own ASO efforts.


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