The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS

Headless and decoupled describe the architecture behind modern CMSes, and differentiate these systems from traditional CMSes and their limitations. Traditional CMSes were made for websites, and despite efforts to modernize them and make them more API-friendly, they fall far behind competitors who have reimagined content management from an API-first approach. Instead of tightly marrying content to a web page or app, headless and decoupled CMSes provide more flexibility for where and how you deliver your content. Your team enjoys more efficient content workflows. And you can focus on what’s next for your product.

While it is good to understand what the terms mean, what you really need to know is how and why this next generation of content management solutions are the smart choice for your business. In this white paper, Vaimo and Contentful explain in non-technical terms what makes a CMS “headless” and how being headless makes a content platform more agile and better able to meet your growing digital needs. 

Contentful/ Vaimo

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