The Cost of Not Insuring Your Email Program

Why leave your email campaign performance to chance?

Have you ever wondered how a slight lapse could potentially cost your email campaign, and consequently, your annual revenue?

Being a seasoned e-commerce marketer, the significance of emails landing in the customer's inbox isn’t lost on you.

The invaluable role of Validity's Sender Certification is brilliantly explained in our five-minute video. It elucidates the chaotic scrambling of one of our clients who deactivated the certification before the crucial Black Friday weekend and the turnaround after they reinstated it.

In this video, we'll discuss:

- Increasing threats to the email landscape that complexify deliverability.

- The exponential improvement in inbox placement rate and email ROI observed by our Certified senders.

- A power-packed case study presenting how Certification saved one client's Black Friday email performance and a whopping $2 million in annual email revenue.


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