The B2B Marketer’s guide to scrappy marketing

Why is this the case? Marketers often take too long to get campaigns to market and are often held back by both limited resources and a tendency towards perfectionism. Whenever anyone does something new—whether it’s running a webinar, event or even just an email campaign—the first-time round will take much longer if you’re trying to make it perfect. It will cause anxiety around something not going right. To tell the truth, this has also held us back at ON24.

Instead, we want marketers to let go of this way of thinking. We want you to become a scrappy marketer. By accepting that your marketing doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll be more creative and get your message out more quickly. By getting your message out more quickly, you’ll find out sooner what works and what doesn’t—and you’ll drive more results.

To practice what we preach, this e-book is also an example of scrappy marketing. A shared page of scrappy notes became a blog series, which we’ve now repurposed for you in this guide. If it seems rough around the edges, it’s because we prioritized getting it in your hands over making it perfect.



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